What Is a Timer and How Do I Create One?

What is a Timer?

Timer is a feature within Click Perfect that allows you to create a unique countdown Timer to add to your banner, pop up or sales page in order to create a sense of urgency! Whether you're running a campaign or advertising a promotion, Timer will integrate seamlessly!

How Do I Create One?

  • Simply select, "Timers" within the sidebar

  • You will see several customization options in order to make your Timer stand out
  1. Timer Name
  2. Timer Type
  3. Timer Style
  4. Color
  5. Timer Width
  6. Display Options
  7. Day Width - 2 means 0-99 days - 3 means 100-999 days
  8. Expiration Options

  • As you create your Timer, you have the ability to Preview, that way you can see real-time edits as you go

  • After you finish creating your Timer select, Submit. You will then be taken to your Timer list

  • From this point, hover your cursor over the Timer that would like to use and select, Get Code.

  • This will generate the code you will paste into your banner, pop up, or sales page

Thats it, you've created a Timer!

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