What Is a Pop Bar and How Do I Create One?

What is a Pop Bar?

Pop Bars are a feature included in ClickPerfect that allows you to create a banner that will pop up over the top of a webpage. Pop Bars can display images, text, subscription forms and more with a since of urgency! A banner is one of the most widely used and highly effective advertisement mechanisms available!

How Do I Create One?

  •  Login to your Click Perfect account
  •  In left hand side bar, navigate to, Create New and then select, "Pop Bars"

  • After selecting, Create Banner from the top right corner, you will see many ways to customize your banner as seen below:

  • When creating your Pop Bar, you will able to either provide a URL that will be used for the content of your banner, or you can create your own content using the text edit box. You will be able to preview your project by selecting the Preview button. 
  •  After creating your Pop Bar click, Submit in order to save it, you will then be brought to your, Banner List. You have now created a Pop Bar!

How Do I Activate a Pop Bar?

  • In order to activate a Pop Bar, you must have a tracking link to connect it to. You can learn how to create a tracking link in the article How Do I Create a Tracking Link?
  • First navigate to the Links section of your dashboard. 

  • Hover your cursor over the link you would like to add a Pop Bar to, and Select, Edit underneath the Action drop down menu.

  • Next in the, Edit Link page, select the, "Pop Bars" button in the, Options menu.

  • The page will then automatically scroll to the bottom, to a section titled, "Pop Bars." Use the drop down menu to select the Pop Bar you would like to activate.

  • Click, Update at the bottom of the page. You have now activated your Pop Bar!
  • You can preview your Pop Bar with the tracking link, by selecting, "Preview" next to the link name in the, "Links List" 

Please Note In order to add a Pop Bar to a tracking link you must cloak the tracking link. Please visit What Is Link Cloaking and How Do I Use It? for more information.

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