Creating and Activating Pop Ups

What is a Pop Up?

Creating a Pop Up

Activating a Pop Up

What is a Pop Up?

Pop-Ups are small windows that appear on top of other websites. They can include text, images, subscription forms and more.

Pop Ups are often used as advertisements and are known to increase conversions when it comes to digital marketing.

Please Note ClickPerfect Pop Ups will only "pop" when activated with a Tracking Link. Please click through for more information on Tracking Links

Creating a Pop-Up

 To create a Pop Up navigate to the "Create New" menu of your ClickPerfect Dashboard and select "Pop Ups"

The "List Popup" menu will appear:

Select "Add Popup" at the right-hand side

Next, the "Add Popup" menu will appear, where you can enter the specifics for your Popup.

Once you have entered all of the necessary information, you can select "Preview" to see the Popup before finalizing changes.

Don't forget to hit "Submit" to save your Pop Up!

Activating a Pop Up

To activate your Pop Up navigate to the Links menu of your ClickPerfect Dashboard 

You can update the settings for any link from the "Actions"  drop-down by clicking on "Edit"

Next, select "Pop Up" from the "Options" Menu

In the Cloak "URL" area select Yes & enter "Page Title & Description"  information (both settings are for internal organization purposes - no one but you will see this information)

In the "Pop Up" area select the appropriate Pop Up to activate

Click "Update" to save

Please Note In order to activate Pop Ups, Link Cloaking must be enabled.

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