Custom Domains with Namecheap

This method will only work if you use a domain that is not currently in use with a website or host. If you already have a website on your site, we need you to go Method #2 which is uploading the files you need. 

  • Log in..
  • Go to Domain
  • Manage on the right-hand side.
  • First, make sure your name server is set to “Name cheap BasicDNS” 
  • Next, go to the Advanced DNS section
  • Under Host Record - Please go to URL Redirect Record and paste: Host: @

- Value if you want to use it for LINKS:  

- Value if you want to use it for ROTATOR:

(xxxxx would be your username, found in the URL BAR)  

  • Unmasked
  • Hit Save all changes.
  • Then go to Domain Manager inside of Click perfect under My Account 
  • Enter Your domain.  

(Note: Make sure you use http:// in front of your domain)

That’s it! It’s really that easy! 

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